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What is Oorja World?

Oorja World, currently pending patent approval from the USPTO in the USA, is a novel digital marketplace for global energy finance. The marketplace aims to bridge the investment gap in the global energy sector and promote clean energy by providing a platform that connects investors with energy asset owners in need of funding. The funding is facilitated through various financial instruments related to the energy asset, which can be purchased, traded, or redeemed, thereby increasing access to finance for asset development.
Oorja World Offerings
  • Issuers: Businesses requiring funding to develop their energy assets can benefit from one or many tailored equity or debt related Financial Instruments (FIs) to raise finance from global investors.
  • Investors: Businesses wanting to invest and build up a portfolio in global energy and Net Zero (NetZ) assets for financial returns, ESG and clean energy investment, Incentives and Tax benefits, and accelerating clean energy project development.

Why Oorja World Matters?

Accelerating Clean Energy and NetZ Developments is no longer a choice, but an urgent world requirement. With global warming and the subsequent threats to bio-diversity and natural capital, and the global economy, the stakes in maintaining the status-quo remain too high. We, remain on a mission to accelerate clean energy finance.
- Neeru Sharma (Chairperson, Oorja World)

The problem we are solving:
  1. Huge Investment Gap: The annual investment requirement of $4-6 trillion in global clean energy development remains unmet ($3 trillion gap in 2022, International Energy Agency).
  2. Marginalized Mid-Small-Sized Asset Holders: The present clean energy finance overwhelmingly remains an upscale and big-ticket game. Existing financial institutions remain severely constrained in interest, size, and flexibility to meet the diverse investment requirements of mid-small-sized energy asset holders.
  3. Several Missing Components: The global energy financing landscape has several missing components that continue to prove as a challange in bridging the huge investment gap. The important onces are: a Universal Digital Platform that is a meeting point for global energy asset holders and investors, Global Financial Instruments that can fund global energy assets, and Innovative Business Models to aggregate private sector investments by leveraging the several incentives and opportunities in the clean energy space remain the missing components of the global energy financing landscape.

Who are Issuers and Investors of Oorja World?

  • Renewable Energy Developers
  • Oil and Gas Companies
  • Utilities
  • Commercial Entities such as Airlines, Hospitality Chains, Malls, Hospital, Commercial Buildings, Schools etc.
  • Energy-intensive Industries
  • Electric Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Battery Manufacturers
  • Energy Startup Companies
  • Corporates and Bussinesses
  • Global Banks
  • Multilateral Financial Institutions
  • Retirement Funds
  • Insurance Companies
  • Hedge Funds
  • Family Offices
  • Asset Management Companies
  • Climate/Clean Energy Funds
  • Investment Companies
  • Wealth Managers
  • High Net-worth Individuals
  • Commercial Entities such as Airlines, Hospitality etc.
  • Carbon-intensive Industries
  • Oil and Gas Companies

How do we Work?

  1. Issuers seeking funding to develop their energy assets register and create an account in Oorja World and apply for funding with supporting documents and applicable fees.
  2. The Due-diligence team supported by marketplace makes an assessment of the application for viability of funding.
  3. If the application is found viable for funding and the Issuer agrees to the funding terms and conditions, a finance plan is developed for the funding of the assets from global investors on Oorja World.
  4. Appriporate Financial Instruments are designed, created and deployed on the Oorja World marketplace.
  5. Global investors can purchase the Financial Instruments and provide funding to businesses for their energy asset development. These instruments can also be traded for liqudity or redemed for energy by investors.
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Our Value Propositions

Oorja World is powered by technology-driven new business models to accelerates private sector investments and broaden the global energy financing landscape. Advanced technologies like AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and data analytics to deliver new value propositions, innovative financing products and solutions in a risk mitigated environment. All participants are fully KYC compliant and the marketplace ecosystem operates in a regulatory compliant environment.Oorja World accelerates private sector investments to broaden the global energy financing landscape.

The value we bring to global energy finance:
  1. An industry first meeting point of global bussinesses requiring investments to develop energy assets and institutional investors.
  2. Bridges the huge investment gap in global energy finance by increasing private sector participation.
  3. Uitilizes AI and Machine Learning for personalized investment and funding decisions, risk management and regulatory compliance.
  4. Harnesses Web3 and blockchain technologies to create new value propositions through Digital Assets, Smart Contrats and Tokenazition.
  5. Supports secure transactions using fiat currency, central bank digital currency, or cryptocurrencies.
  6. Powering the global future by scaling clean energy development.

The Vision and Mission Statement


To grow quickly and become the most trusted global platform for clean energy finance in 5 years.


To provide sustainable financing solutions using digital technologies and new business models that meet the needs of global energy businesses and investors to accelerate global clean energy and Net Zero developments.


Digital by design, sustainability at the core, trust with transparency, adaptability and innovation, and clean energy stewardship


To become a well-accepted universal digital platform for energy finance with a global footprint, be a recognized leader for private sector investment in global energy assets, finance $1 billion in global energy assets, and achieve a $500 million market capitalization by 2027.

Oorja World Team

Oorja is powered by a strong team of seasoned ex CEOs, CFOs, and CIOs from international banks and financial institutions with deep expertise in global energy, finance, banking, and technology interventions.

Board Members
  • Neeru Sharma

    Founder Chairperson

  • Deepak Rauniar

    Founder President

  • Joseph Silvanus

    Founder Vice-President

Advisor for board
  • Dr Bindu Lohani

    Advisor for board

Senior Team
  • Bikash Mathur

    Vice Chairperson

  • Vishwajit Patil

    Investor Relationship

  • Rabindranath Rudra


  • Judy Manners

    Chief Risk Officer

Technical Team
  • Rakesh Shrestha

    System Analyst/Sr. Software Engineer

  • Manish Thapa

    Software Engineer

  • Aditya Jha

    Software Engineer